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Springfield Chiropractor Offers Nutrition Testing

At Carter Chiropractic, We Offer of Wholistic Approach to Chiropractic Care

Put the spring back in your step!

Put the spring back in your step!

How Do You Feel?

Many people in Springfield feel listless, exhausted, old, degenerated, overweight and lacking inner fire. They are beset with pasty skin, aches and pains, chronic infections and grumpy attitudes. They are clearly ill.

Although these people lack diagnosable diseases, each symptom indicates a bodily imbalance.

Eliminate Guessing!

Nutrition Testing pinpoints any weakness or imbalance in your systems.

  • Identifies stressors including heavy metals, toxic chemicals, immune challenges, food intolerance or past injuries.
  • Indicates the exact supplement, remedy or treatment required for healing.
  • Identifies the foods most beneficial to your body today.
  • Reveals how to return your body to a healthy balance.

The Three Phases of Nutrition Testing

  • Fine-Tuning the Program
  • Healing and Observation
  • Maintenance and Support

Nutrition How Long Will the Treatment Take?

It can take from a few weeks to a few years to regain optimal health. The time depends on how long the problem has been in place and how willing you are to adopt healthy habits.

Do You Say?

I’m too busy to change my diet and eat real food.

Dr. Carter ~ Eating right will give you the energy and strength to do more and enjoy your life. We will teach you how to do this.

I don’t like water.

Dr. Carter ~ If you want to recover you health, you will learn to drink water. We will assist your body in to accepting this change.

I have to take care of everyone else first.

Dr. Carter ~ Only by caring for yourself will you be able to help others.

It’s too expensive.

Dr. Carter ~ The true expense is to lose your health or to waste money on products that do not help and may even hurt you.

Take Responsibility for Your Health!

Make an appointment in our Springfield Chiropractic Office today to get started.

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